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2019 Social Media Awards
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P2P (Plead-2-Peers) Live Voting Social Media Awards

The "Plead-to-Peers" event is a new social media awards extravaganza, where winners are crowned based on your real-time votes! Witness how your NEFMA colleagues are using social media to reach new heights, and vote via smartphone on the best and funniest activities, campaigns, and ideas – live! It’s your time to share your opinions and put your creativity to vote – come join in the NEFMA P2P fun where no social media gimmick will be left unturned.

There are 18 categories, ranging from the breezy "best campaign ROI" to the gravely serious "best puppy photo". Six of the 18 categories are truly plead-to-peer – the finalists for those categories will have 60 seconds on the mic to persuade the room that their entry is the best. You can submit items from your (or your clients') organization, or just participate as a voter. All you need is your smartphone and sense of humor.

We hope you join us for the P2P Social Media Awards!

Categories & Descriptions

Submissions are now closed for the Social Media Awards. But you can still join the fun! Register for the full conference or purchase your awards dinner only ticket. Watch and participate as your colleagues plead their case for glory in the P2P awards voting!


Q:  Is NEFMA narrowing down the entries and only showing certain finalists?

A:  Heck no! All submissions will be presented at the awards show, and voted on live.

Q:  What's the timeframe for entries? 

A:  Entries must have run or been produced between October 1, 2018 and September 30, 2019 to be considered.

Q:  For P2P categories, is there a visual of your entry up during your 60 second speech? 

A:  You'll have one supporting PowerPoint slide containing your submitted visuals & info displaying on two large screens behind you during your 60 seconds.

Q:  Can we submit a video that stitches together several graphic files, to run during the voting? 

A:  Nope – we're keeping it simple.  Except for the Best Video category, please submit only static images and information.  We'll arrange your submitted graphics and information on a PowerPoint slide for the audience to view.

Q:  Do you have to do a write-up for each entry?  

A:  Doing write-ups is awesome, what are you talking about?!?  At a minimum, please provide a little information to offer some context – enough so the emcees can quickly summarize your entry.  A few categories like "Best ROI" or "Best Contest" would obviously benefit from some context or results, while others like "Best Kitten Photo" may not require much explanation.

Q:  Can agencies submit work they've done to market themselves, or only work they've done for financial institution clients? 

A:  Agencies marketing themselves is allowed.

Q:  Will my NEFMA credentials work to log into Judgify? 

A:  No, you'll need to create a separate Judgify account.