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2018 Awards Judging Criteria
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Judges will evaluate all entries in an equitable manner. No awards are given in categories for which judges determine entries do not merit them.


Creative (30 points)

  • Overall appearance, organization, and completeness of entry
  • Effective overview of the campaign or tactic
  • Supporting materials effectively support the entry

Goal (10 points)

  • Clearly supports campaign or tactic
  • Effectively identifies the challenges or opportunities and the approaches likely to be successful to achieve the desired results

Strategy (20 points)

  • Depicts the breadth of preparation and strategy, including identification of target audiences and measurable objectives
  • Relationship of the program plan to the research and objectives is cohesive
  • Originality was applied in selecting strategies, tactics, techniques and deliverables
  • Budget (dollar amount or staff time and/or resources)

Execution (20 points)

  • How the plan was implemented, including appropriateness of steps taken to meet objectives and reach the audience
  • In-progress adjustments were made and effective (if needed)
  • Resources were allocated effectively
  • Appropriate materials and channels used to reach intended audiences

Results (20 points)

  • Relays to what degree the program or tactic met its objectives
  • Measurement of intended effect - to what degree the program met its objectives
  • Evidence of success measured against objectives