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Welcome to the NEFMA Blog! Here you can access a wealth of insightful articles about what's going on in our industry as well as stay up-to-date with all things NEFMA. You can also join in the conversation by commenting on posts.


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Take 5: Five-Minute Tips to Better Leverage Your NEFMA Membership

Posted By Membership, Thursday, June 26, 2014
First in a series on how you can make the most of your NEFMA membership.

Setting up Your Profile

Congrats - you’re a NEFMA member! Now what? Whether you’re new to the association or not, take a few minutes to create your profile to better connect with other association members.

By doing so, there is now an opportunity for each member to create their own profile similar to a profile you might create on LinkedIn, but MUCH simpler. Completing your profile helps other members get to know you and how best to connect. This information is also published in the membership directory so you want to make sure it’s accurate!

Start with uploading your photo. If you do nothing else, do this! Adding a photo helps members to know you are active within the site. Otherwise, your profile can look abandoned. Much of the profile is contact info: email, phone, address both personal and business. Without a lot of effort you can make it easy for others to connect with you.

Round out your profile with your education and social/volunteer organizations. Allowing other members to learn a few facts about you will allow them to find common ground. You can also add some creativity to your profile with the “More Information” section.

Be assured that when you update your profile, only NEFMA members can see the information. There are some sections, which allow you to set as “private” such as if you have a personal mobile phone number you don’t necessarily want everyone to access. Some sections can easily be omitted or set to private such as marital status and birthday. 

Creating your profile is an important first step in getting the most out of your NEFMA membership. In future posts, we’ll be talking about other ways to maximize the resources our group has available to you. Stay tuned!

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2014 Spring Conference Wrap-up

Posted By NEFMA, Friday, June 13, 2014

Here’s what you missed …

… if you weren’t at the NEFMA Spring Conference at the Cliff House Resort in Ogunquit: engaging speakers, vital industry information, marketing advice, idea exchanges, networking opportunities, and a fantastic ocean view!

On Thursday, our attendees arrived with their thinking caps on for the always engaging and interesting, ‘Steal This Idea’ sharing session. Following dinner that evening, keynote speaker Kathryn Weare provided anecdotes from her family’s history and the Resort’s early days along with insights into how the business has evolved over time.


Attendees took away a wealth of information on Friday, beginning with how the consumer demands are shaping the omni channel experience, along with advice to keep marketing campaigns compliant in today’s regulatory environment. They also gathered tips about the best products, practices and services in the competitive small business marketplace. In our final session attendees learned about new initiatives from the United States Post Office and other reasons why they should discover, or re-discover, the value of direct mail.


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An inside look into our new look

Posted By NEFMA, Wednesday, May 7, 2014
Updated: Tuesday, May 6, 2014

We were excited to introduce the new NEFMA logo at our recent Spring Conference at The Cliff House in Ogunquit, Maine.


In developing the new logo, we felt it was important to preserve certain aspects of the NEFMA brand.


The new identity pays subtle homage to our roots and builds on our existing brand equity by incorporating colors from the previous logo with elements that symbolize our New England heritage – a lighthouse, mountains and ocean waves.


Pictorial parallels

NEFMA President Bill DeWitt, partner at HCC Marketing, notes that the new logo also serves as a physical representation of both our organization and the fundamentals of marketing.


The two gray-toned pieces of the outer frame represent both sides of our membership – financial and service members – and are depicted as one organization through a standalone icon.


The logo’s three mountains signify the 3 C’s of business planning: customers, company, and competitors. The four waves symbolize the four P’s of marketing: product, price, promotion and place.



The design details

The design features the combination and balancing of straight-edged and curved forms and lines. It compromises simple graphic shapes that work together: circles, triangles, rectangles, and sine waves.


The boundary of the lighter and darker grays in the frame form a line that is 49° from vertical, which lines up with the right side of the middle mountain. And the summit of the middle mountain is also the center of the design.


All of the shapes are solids except for the blend that forms the light beam, which sets it apart.


While the seas undulate and the mountains are dark and saw-toothed, the lighthouse remains a friendly beacon. Its importance is enhanced even further by its forward position outside of the frame, which brings it closer to the viewer.


Our thanks to the outgoing NEFMA Marketing Chairperson Julie Rotar, creative director at McDougall and Duval Advertising and Vice Chairperson Tom Montilli, vice president of marketing at Harvard University Employees Credit Union, and to the graphic design team at Sundin Associates for the many months of work and planning that went into this project.


We are proud of the result.

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NEFMA gets a new look

Posted By NEFMA, Tuesday, April 22, 2014
Updated: Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Exciting news – a new logo will be revealed at the upcoming 2014 Spring Conference! The new mark is a great reflection of the organization’s values, its members and personality. We don’t want to give too much detail away yet so we hope you’ll be there for the big unveiling!

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The Revolution Will Not Be Commoditized

Posted By Addison Hoover, NCR, GM, Branch Transformation Marketing, Americas, Tuesday, April 1, 2014

This is not about ATMs. This is not about mobile apps. This is not about branches, recyclers, interest rate offerings, or eMarketing campaigns.

The banking revolution is all about the consumer.

Although its virtues have been espoused in the retail industry for over the last decade, banking is now becoming acutely aware of a dramatic paradigm shift. We’re no longer in a world where consumers rely on banks – rather, banks are more reliant than ever on their consumers.

With technology has come access, with access has come knowledge, and with knowledge has come empowerment; consumers today have the ability to choose how and where they prefer to be served, and, most importantly, the ability to choose which vendor will serve them based on those terms.

This is a scary proposition for a number of institutions. However, serving this generation of consumers doesn’t need to be a guessing game.

At an individual level, each end user is forming expectations on how they’re served, not by industry, but throughout their daily lives. The most astute technology companies and financial institutions are actively monitoring these points of engagement within the retail, travel, and hospitality industries. Each of these lines of businesses is distinctively molding their physical and digital customer experience strategies, and in turn, rapidly affecting the preferences and expectations of financial consumers everywhere. 

"They will be the banks and credit unions that craft the next generation of full service, augment the interplay of delivery channels, and create intimacy and personalized relationships with their consumers." 

As the paradigm has gone from banking to consumer, to consumer to banking (C2B), it is ever more important we stay in sync to these expectations, and understand that the next generation of banking tools is going to be much different than before. The answers for how to engage with a customer won’t be as easy as throwing more intelligent deposit ATMs in a branch, or delivering a segregated mobile app, or building a location with flashy fixtures or indistinct digital signage.  

Luckily, if we look around we can quickly identify the myriad megatrends businesses are employing and consumers are adopting. Whether it’s video-assisted service from Amazon via a tablet or Hertz over a kiosk, or mobile transactions impacting architectural design and consumer choreography at Chipotle or Delta, or beacon and self-service mobile technology in an Apple store – the mental models for customer expectations are already being curated across a diverse suite of daily interactions. The expectations forming in parallel channels are actively going to show which tools need to be utilized by financial institutions as the banking revolution continues. And when used correctly, the final product is going to be a seamless, enhanced experience, which better serves the end user on their terms.

Institutions that understand this – and work with solution providers in tune with the end user’s comprehensive expectations – will be best positioned to help abstract transactions from isolated channels, tailor a consistent tone and voice, and synchronize experiences across their digital and physical footprints.

They will be the banks and credit unions that craft the next generation of full service, augment the interplay of delivery channels, and create intimacy and personalized relationships with their consumers.

Those institutions that eschew these meaningful guideposts will be approaching the banking revolution with an outdated toolset of commoditized, ingredient technologies, leaving consumers with no choice but to head to greener pastures.

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